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If  you have a dream,
Opportunity By Fortunate has the way

Opportunity By Fortunate works with Trusted Canadian Immigration Law Firm and helps you to focusing on USA Immigration from Canada and the World And Permanent Residency Of Canada

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Want To Immigrate To America?

We specialize in US immigration matters, including immigrant and non-immigrant visa applications, and also represent clients with inadmissibility issues.

Opportunity By Fortunate is dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality of legal representation and candid legal advice. In this ever changing world, US immigration law can be extremely complex, and we are here to help you every step of the way's

Discussing your situation with an immigration expert can help you save time by narrowing your focus on the relevant options for your case, and will help you find the best solution for your long term goals.

At Opportunity By Fortunate we focus exclusively on immigration law, staying up to date with the most recent changes and processing times for each particular type of application. Whether your goal is to live in the U.S. permanently or to come for a short visit, we will help you every step of the way and keep you informed throughout the process.

Knowledge Of French

Do not worry we will help you to get PR in Quebec with French

 Immigration to Quebec with French is possible through the QSW Program provided an applicant is awarded enough points from other categories of the selection grid to attain a passing score.

Yes, it is possible for someone with good French knowledge to apply for Quebec immigration. However, it is important to note that French is the official language of Quebec, and knowledge of French is generally considered to be an important

asset for those who wish to immigrate to the province.
There are several cities in Quebec that have English-speaking populations, especially Montreal. However, it is important to note that French is the dominant language in Quebec, and it is generally recommended to have at least some basic French language skills if you are planning to live in the province.


Student Visa Canada

Canada’s education system is second to none around the world.

Every year approximately 100, 000 students from all over the globe come to Canada to pursue academic studies.As a result, Canada’s classrooms are also filled with international students looking to gain a meaningful education to help them achieve their academic goals.  If you are interested in obtaining a study permit in Canada, we Opportunity By Fortunate can help you attain just that.

Not only does Canada provide a superior standard of education also we cam help you obtain work permits so that you may be able to integrate into the labor force and be job ready as soon as your education is complete.  Opportunity By Fortunate can help you obtain a study permit so that you may be able to reach your academic goals and meet your educational potential.  Our Toronto immigration office will help you find the best route to obtain your study permit.

Refugees Canada

Canada is Dedicated to Protect Refugees

Regardless of whether you are inside or outside the borders of Canada, if you have a well founded fear of persecution of returning to your home country, you may qualify for protection in Canada under the Refugee class.  Canada is known for its dedication to humanitarian efforts world wide and if you are eligible under this class then you will be qualified to remain in Canada based on humanitarian and compassionate considerations.  We Opportunity By Fortunate can help you build a strong case for your refugee claims and get you a positive decision on your request so that you do not have to return back to your home country where you will be persecuted against.

We want to help you obtain refugee protection as soon as possible so that you are removed from the dangers of your home country and do not have to live your life in fear. Opportunity By Fortunate will help you obtain a positive decision on your refugee claim.  Canada’s ongoing dedication to helping refugees from around the world is one of the many reasons that it is known to be a world class country and provide the opportunities that it has.


Don't worry We Care For Your Dream

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